So why the name Edgar I hear you ask. Well, the story goes something like this:

Once upon a time, in an office far, far away, a project manager had to set up a github repository for a project code and documentation….

Marianne (PM): So if we are making a repository we need a name. “Bird Species Future Distributions Project” sucks - it’s too long and yet still doesn’t say what we are going. Jeremy, what do you want to call the project?

Jeremy (Research Champion): Don’t care - just do the work and make it snappy.

Marianne : YES SIR!

And so a team meeting was called and the brave developers gathered in close to tackle the biggest decision of the project on their own…

Marianne : Okay team, we need a name - preferably short and snappy so we can use it for the repository name as well.

Tom (Developer #1): I have one - what about Edgar?

Daniel (Technical lead/Web developer): What?

Tom: Well, AP03 is the ANDS project code. In LEET speak that’s “APOE”. And the site is about Australian birds which leads me to think of ravens. And “APOE” plus Raven leads to “The Raven” by Edgar Alan Poe. So taking out the A.Poe and the Raven leaves us with Edgar. So that is the name I’m suggesting.

Rob (Developer #2): Makes sense to me.

Daniel: A quick google search reveals one other EDGAR - Electronic Data-Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system - run by the US government Securities and Exchange Commission. It’s an acronym in all-caps so it’s a little different.

Marianne: So are we all happy with Edgar?

All: Yes!

Marianne: Okay Edgar it is. That makes the logo easy too - an Australian Raven coming up! Call the graphic artist!

And so now you know.

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